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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Zingaya Click to Call Virtual Private Number Service

There was once a time when Click to Call widgets were being introduced almost every day by new VOIP service providers and then it suddenly disappeared from the scene. Click to Call widgets are mostly consumed by Social networking sites like facebook and others who offer their users a way to communicate via Phone.

Besides the social networking use, Click to call widgets have been largely used in B2B model. However, Zingaya is different and it comes flaphone, one of the first flash based VOIP web phones to hit the market. Zingaya is a new webservice for click-to-call widgets. It has a lot of features which makes it very advanced in comparison with old flaphone callme subsystem: multiple lines support, UDP transport, echo cancellation, calls recording, voicemail and many others.

Zingaya is a paid service with some free features. Technically no click to call widgets are free (even though they claim) cause they charge you to make calls or terminate calls on your phone via web.

Zingaya offers 3 plans, one with calls to skype only is absolutely free. Zingaya Servers are installed in different parts of the world and new UDP-based protocol support reduces latency and provides with the best quality. Zingaya click to call Widget now can call up to 3 numbers simultaneously.

Zingaya is a killer service and worth trying out especially if you are building or operating enterprise b2b or shopping engine or even social networking.

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