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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Free Calls to USA with Google Voice and Gizmo

Lot of people emailed me lately saying they can't make free calls to USA anymore since most of the free calls providers pulled the plug on "Free calls to USA". However, One of our long time reader NYPhoneJacks shared an interesting and new method to make free calls to USA with google voice and Gizmo.

NyPhoneJacks explained why this new method is required since the old way of using Google Voice with SIP doesn't work anymore. The new method requires you to have 2 google voice accounts for this to work.

This should work with other SIP providers as well - as long as you have a DID that you can associate your Google Voice number with the first google voice account (this account is not going to be the one that appears on CID of outgoing calls, so if you already have a GV number that you want to use for the CID info use that as the other GV account, and make a new one for this) make your gizmo account a forwarding phone (or your sip provider with a free DID) add your second google voice number as a contact, so that you can easily go in to contacts and click the call button - choose the gizmo account (or your SIP provider from the drop down menu) it is best if this account is set to do not disturb, or set up so that click to call calls are sent straight to voice mail.

Since you can not add a google voice number as a forwarding number, you will need to enter * then your pin number every time you access your second (main) google voice account. When you have access to your GV account, you can press 2 to make outgoing calls to the US and CAN for free.

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