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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Virtual PBX Service adds Video Phone Feature

PBXes is a great free virtual PBX service I personally use. PBXes however also offer a premium and pro version which are great for small and large businesses. They just annouched that they added video calling functionality to premium and pro accounts which makes it even more interesting.

If you like playing around with call forwarding and PBX like feature but can't afford to host a PBX yourself, you need a hosted virtual PBX service. Most of these hosted PBX services ain't free but Pbxes is indeed free for Up to 2 voice channels and works for POTS phones/mobiles. 

Now if you happen to use a Pbxes premium or pro account, then you can now enjoy video phone calling. Pbxes introduced a new feature which allows the other parties to see you if you have a video phone. The viewer does not necessarily need such a device. He can even be on the PSTN!

How do i enabled video calling in

To get the update click "Submit & Start" in "Personal Data". Create a webcall page for your video phone. Go to extensions and add an URL. Now the person you are talking to can open that URL on demand. When clicking the photo Realplayer will open and show a live video stream.

Even if you do not wish to use Video Phone functionality, having a pbxes free account can't be wasted.

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