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Thursday, September 6, 2012

World's Most Powerful Native VOIP Client App for Blackberry

Blackberry and RIM has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately and if you thought of dumping your Blackberry in a trash can, Hang on to it becuase you can now make VOIP calls via blackberry using Wifi.

Tringme is the world's first native VOIP Client to offer VOIP calls via blackberry using wifi. Unlike other mobile platforms, so far there is not even a single native VoIP application on Blackberry, which can make direct calls over WiFi/data-networks. Tringme's VOIP App now makes it possible for all blackberry users.

TringMe's Blackberry application lets you call directly using WiFi network without using any cellular network. This can be groundbreaking for enterprise VOIP Markets which has been waiting for such app for a long time now. Apart from WiFi calling, it also offers easy single click worldwide conferencing facility and traditional voip call using local access number and callback in case WiFi is not available.

Tringme Application is available to download for Blackberry OS

So all Indian Blackberry users, don't throw away your blackberry and download Tringme VOIP client first. Atleast your blackberry is worth more than you thought 

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