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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vonage Time to Call iPhone App Review

Vonage has released a solid iPhone app which lets you make cheap international calls right from your iphone without creating a account or buying call credits. Today, we review the Vonage Time to Call iPhone app.

Vonage as you might be already aware is one of the pioneers in the VOIP space. One of the first company to actually offer VoIP service in US back when 99% people didn't even know about it. They have been in this business for long to understand the potential of international business and it seems they are now in the right direction to take the company forward with their new focus on mobile and international expansion.

Earlier today, I spoke to Gavin Macomber , VP-International Products at Vonage to understand how this App actually works and whats in store for users like us. I am going to give you guys a few tips to maximise your money and a free calling offer you won't regret.

With the launch of Vonage iPhone App named "Time to Call", Vonage is literally offering you a mobile payphone. Its like you carrying one wherever you go. Vonage Time to Call app works very differently from other Mobile VoIP apps. Typically you have to get a account with the VoiP provider and then download their iPhone app (if they have any or else you are at the mercy of mobile softphone where you need to setup SIP). After all this, you will still have to buy calling credits from the Voip company.

All this changes with Vonage app, All you have to do is download Vonage iPhone app and start using the service rightaway, no need to signup, no need to add credits. You can make 15 minutes of call at a flat price.

Let me quickly explain to you How you can make calls with Vonage iPhone app.

1) You download Vonage iPhone App to your iPhone or from iTunes.
2) Launch Vonage Time to Call iPhone app
3) The app will ask for your country and mobile phone number. Enter details & Next.
4) Now it will ask you to select a country where you want to make a call. For Example, you select India, it will then show you the rate for making a 15 mins call which is $0.99 cents.
5) However, all new users can make 15 mins of free call once. Try it out! (Pro tip: usually if you don't talk for 15 mins, you will loose the rest of the talktime) but currently Vonage lets you talk for unused minutes, so try calling multiple people with this 15 mins to understand quality and service)
6) Vonage offers multiple tiers in the 15 minute call package, Fifteen-minute calls to 100 countries range from $0.99 to $1.99; more than 90 additional countries can be called for flat rates ranging up to $9.99. Most popular countries like India, fall under the cheapest tier.
7) Now the easiest part, you don't have to bother about paying money to Vonage using your credit card or entering payment details in the app. The vonage app automatically charges your itunes account. Please note during the 15 minutes free call promotion, they wont charge for that first call, its free.

Also note that, Time to Call is available for anyone to use, not just Vonage customers
Time to call is available in over 87 countries via AppStore
Vonage has confirmed that they are building a Android version and planning a release before year end.
If you purchase a 15 minute call pack, but forgot to use it. you can use the same pack for upto 1 year. The expiry period is 1 year.
For a limited time, unused minutes will rollover and can be used for another call (so, if you only use 5 of your 10 minutes, you can use the remainder of your 10 minutes at a later date)
Consumers outside of the US can download and interact with the application using their 3G dataplan, but they’ll need a WiFi connection to place a call.
Vonage is working to make the application available for international users via 3G. I strongly recommend you download Vonage time to call iPhone app today and make a 15 minutes of free call.

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