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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unlimited Calls to India from UK

Do you live in UK? Yes, then don't miss this post or you will regret later. We found a great way to make unlimited calls to India landline and mobiles from UK

Millions of Indians live in UK and literally millions of minutes of calls are terminated to India per month via different providers, most VOIP Providers require you to use PINs and lengthy toll free numbers. Today, we look at a way to literally replace your local landline (like BT Phone) with a Phone which will not only be able to make unlimited calls to India but also gives you unlimited calls to any UK phone.

The VOIP Provider am talking about is none other than Vonage UK. Vonage has come out with some awesome plans to make unlimited Calls to India and other countries from UK

The Unlimited India Calling plan also inlcudes calls to over 35 countries. Which means with this one plan, you can literally call half of the world. You can also make Unlimited calls to mobiles (and landlines) in five countries: India, US, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. 

You can also ship the Vonage Phone back to India and keep calling your girfriend 24/7. Seriously, this is a massive value right here. 

All this costs a mere £18.99 per month. Trust me, even using a cheapest calling card to India from UK, will easily costs you around £25-30 for 1 month of calling. With Vonage India Calling Plan you get unlimited calls to India + 35 countries at only £18.99 per month. 

On top of this, Vonage also offers some awesome features which comes bundled with their phone service mainly Anonymous Call Back, Call Number Block, Simulring (ring your mobile at the same time) and over 30 odd other features. 

With Industry leading support from Vonage is available 24/7, you don't have to worry about it. A few of friends in UK are already using this service and they are extremely happy with the call quality and cheaper cost than calling cards or other VOIP service

Don't miss this. Signup today for Vonage Unlimited Calls to India Package and lock in on the promotional rate.

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