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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free 30 mins Calls at Rebtel

Our friends at Rebtel is now offering Free 30 mins calls anywhere in the world.Rebtel, one of the oldest and cheapest international call providers to India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh and many other countries have generously offered another smashing offer.

When you signup at Rebtel, you will get Free 30 mins of talktime to anywhere in the world (excludes a few countries like Libya, Sierra Leone, Somalia etc). This works for almost 95% of countries worldwide including the most popular destinations like India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ghana etc. 

You can make a new account if you wish to use this special offer. Click this link to enable 30 mins of Free Calls 

Again, Dont forget to tell your friends and family about this offer. You are free to distribute the link anywehere you like as long as you keep the link intact, because it won't work otherwise. 

Don't miss on this offer because this offer can go down anytime. As long as you enable it, you will be able to use it. Lemme know if anyone face any problems or issues, I can ask Rebtel to look into it.
So, you have to become a paid member to get that extra 30 mins + double your credit offer. $10 gets $10 extra and $25 gets $25 extra

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