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Thursday, September 6, 2012

FastVoip now offers Free Calls to 13 Countries including India

India is now independent again. FastVoip announced their best ever deal to make India calls totally free along with other 12 countries where you can make free calls. Lets find out about the deal.

FastVoip, a leading VOIP company from Europe has just announced their biggest ever promotion to date. If you thought betamax was the only VOIP Provider to offer free calls per month to various destinations for a flat fee per month, then fastvoip has proved you wrong.

Betamax as you all know is a unreliable VOIP Provider which can go block your accounts without notice and freeze your balance. FastVoip has now emerged as a strong competitor after this latest announcement to offer free calls to over 13 countries including India Landine.

You can make calls to following countries using FastVoip.

Canada (+mobile)
United Kingdom
United States (+mobile)

Please note the only calls to landline phones are free except for USA and Canada where calls to mobile phones are free too.

In order to use the Free Calls promotion, you need to make a minimum deposit of 5 Euro by Credit card or $7.50 by Ukash. You will need to recharge your account every month for this amount in order to keep the free call service active.

There is one more solid opportunity for all of you to make some money from fastvoip. I will discuss it later this week. For now, Download FastVoip and start making those free calls.

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