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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Call India for 0 cents per minute

Surprised or shocked? Yes, its true. You can now make calls to India for 0 cents per minute and if you miss this offer, you will surely regret later.

IndiaLD, one of the largest India focused VOIP Provider has launched a smashing offer that will make you drool. With IndiaLD Quarter Call Offer, you can call any Indian Mobile for only 25 cents per call. Don't get confused, its per call and not per minute. Each call will last for an hour i.e 60 minutes which makes the effective calling rate per minute as $0.004 (less than 1 cent).

This is a perfect offer for anyone looking to call India and talk at length. Don't we all love talking back home for literally hours? Even for people who actually hang up within 1 minute, there will be no charge for that short call, yes it will be free.

IndiaLD currently offering $5, $10, $20 & $30 call credits to be bought for this offer. The quarter call offer is only available till end of April 2011. However, IndiaLD is seriously considering to extend the offer further into the summer holidays.

You can call from the USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Bahrain, India, HK, Ireland, Japan, NZ, Spain Norway, Netherlands and Singapore using IndiaLD Access numbers.

To be honest, I find this offer "the best ever" till date. The calling rates are unmatched and unheard of.

Don't think and procrastinate, Join the party till it lasts and Sign up now at IndiaLD

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