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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free International Conference Call Service

You might have seen many free conference calls service popping up everyday but this one is different because it covers countries like Saudi arabia and Middle East. Connecting UAE and Middle east to the conference calling world using VOIP has to be a strong feature of this service.

With literally every leading VOIP Provider banned in the middle east, This new free conference calling service pulls it off using a traditional number to VOIP gateway connectivity.

Today we look at, a new free international conference call service. Confcall provides the conference calling service via the gateway numbers. Usually the gateway number is a geographic number in various countries, so If you are in Australia you will call confcall's local gateway number: 1900-956 599 and instantly connect to the gateway.

You will have to decide on a 6 digit PIN and tell all participants in advance. When a participant connects to his local gateway number, all he needs to do is enter the PIN and he will join the conference call.

This service is extremely helpful for small companies in Saudi arabia who are on a budget and want to talk to business partners in other countries. You can get List of all Local Country Gateway numbers on

Give it a shot and Let us know hows it working for you. We definitely would like to know how this works in the middle east.

Curious that US users get it toll-free, the rest of the world has to pay a premium-rate number.

Users who can connect to Skype can call the US 1-877 number free of charge, and UK users can use call-through number 0844 720 2122 at 1.02p/min to call the US number, and save 90% over the published 0871 number (10.22p/min).

UK Users could use Local Phone UK to call the USA Access Number at 0.5p a minute saving more money plus there is no connection charge unlike 0844 numbers.

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