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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LocalPhone Voucher Code

Localphone must be crazy! Yeah, they just extended 20% extra Voucher code

Localphone as many of you already know are one of the most popular VOIP Providers in the world.

Do you know that Localphone is the only VOIP company to offer credits as low as $1? Just imagine, you can start calling someone with a Top up of just $1? 

Localphone shared a 20% Off Coupon code for all new users. The Localphone Voucher code is now the new coupon code is LPVGSEP. 

Please follow this procedure for signing up using the new coupon code

1) Go to 
2) click on Sign-up (Register a new account) 
3) Now when you are logged in to your account, go to Add Credit 
4) Choose the amount and then you will notice, an option to add Voucher code. 
5) Enter LPVGSEP and click Add. 
6) It will be successfully added with a message telling you that additional 20% credit will be applied to your account once you add the credit. 

This process is automatic, so when you add $10 to your account, you will get $12 in total ($10 credit + 20% extra which is $2) 

I hope I made this very clear so no one gets confused with the Signup and Voucher code process. Please note this Voucher code only works for new users. If you have existing accounts and open a new account but use same billing (same paypal or credit card), you won't get the credit applied to your account.

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