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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LocalPhone Diwali Special Bonus Offer

LocalPhone has been one of the best VOIP calling service to India and other parts of the world. Localphone offers calls to India at 1.5 cents per minute and the reliability, customer service and quality of calls makes it even better. If you are reading this post, its your lucky day.

This special offer gives you extra 25% credit when you signup at Localphone and add credit. Localphone must be really crazy because they even let you add credit as low as $1. Are they mad? Just $1 credit to try their world class service?

If you are not signing up to Localphone with $1 credit (well 25% extra will give you $1.25), then you are surely missing on a solid VOIP service.

People often tell me that they are using other services which are lot cheaper, however when i ask about the reliability of service, call drops, quality of calls they really have no answer.

Would you want to call your mom or your girlfriend at 1 cent per minute with a crappy noise and call drops or rather use Localphone at 1.5 cents per minute with a best quality calls and zero call drops?

If you appreciate quality at a competitive rates, then localphone is your answer.

Let me also explain a quick way of registering at Localphone with 25% extra credit using our exclusive Voucher code: LP25FREE (Please note this offer only works for new customers)

1) Go to (must use this link to claim voucher)
2) Now click on Signup
3) Finish signup process by confirming email address
4) Now go to Add Credit
5) You can select $10, $20, $30 credit or select other, If you select other, it will let you add your any amount here (must be atleast $1)
6) If you have selected $10, $20 or $30 credit, it will take you to checkout screen, how you will notice a small box to enter voucher code. This should say, "If you’ve got a voucher code enter it here (optional)".
7) Enter your voucher code LP25FREE here and click Add
8) You will then see a confirmation message like this, Once your order has finished processing we’ll add $2.50 bonus credit (25%) to your account (This example is for $10 credit)
9) You are done brave boy. Now go download the Localphone VOIP Softphone or download their mobile app on iPhone or just setup your local numbers in your country to start making calls.

I am 100% confident that you will love the service. I wish you all a happy diwali.

Those who are existing localphone customers, I have a massive offer coming you way. Hang in there, while we work behind the scene.

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