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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free Calls to USA on Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is upon us and the holiday season officially begins this thursday. There is another reason to smile, you can now make totally free calls to USA for 4 days.
There is absolutely no limit of number calls or minutes per user, you can literally make unlimited calls. Bring it on guys. 

Best part is you don't have to be a paid user of Localphone to use this promotion. If you still don't have a Localphone account, you MUST get one now, Signup today and enjoy this promotion. All paid users won't be charged a single penny if they make calls to USA (mobile and Landline) during this promo period.

The trick is to use a Localphone iPhone App (if you have a iphone) or use one of the SIP softphones from mobile to make calls via 3G or Wifi. This way you will be able to bypass your mobile operator completely. You can also use a localphone softphone from PC.

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