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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free international Calls from Australian Mobiles

Tired of mobile operators charging you enormous rates to call back home or your friends abroad? If you live in Australia, you are in luck. You can now make totally free calls worldwide.

Free international calling for Optus customers is back. has announced that Optus mobile subscribers can make free international calls to 70 countries from Australia by dialing 1300 720 832. If you are on Optus and have 1300 numbers included in your mobile plan, then you can make a free international call using your regular mobile minutes.

Optus customers have been unable to use Australian free calling services since 2009 when they shut off access to all the free international calling numbers. Now, OziCall has found a new way to do this using 1300 numbers. You can make totally free calls to destinations such as India, US, Canada, Singapore, and China (total 60 countries)

Let’s see how this actually works.

Make sure that 1300 numbers are including in your Optus mobile plan. Almost all mobile bundles have this, but check to make sure.
Dial 1300 720 832 and listen to the prompt.
When prompted, enter your international destination starting with 0011.
Now talk as long as you want using your regular mobile minutes.

There is no need to register for Ozicall service, you can call their access number anytime from anywhere.

Don't miss on this great way to save money and make some free calls.

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