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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

JaxtrSMS Free SMS anywhere in the world

Today, we are talking about a solid new alternative called JaxtrSMS to send totally free SMS to anyone anywhere in the world. Bye bye mobile operators.

SMS continues to dominate the mobile market with billions of people sending text messages everyday around the world. A huge chunk of telecom revenue is generated from SMS, which literally cost these operators nothing, you heard it right. Does anyone remember that back in 2004, you can send any airtel customer a TXT message for free by sending a email to Not sure if this works today, but I found this long back in 2004.

To cut the story short, Today we spend hundreds of dollars every month on SMS messages, its time to cut the cost and send SMS for free. We found a great new service called JaxtrSMS (from Mobivox) which lets you send free SMS to anyone anywhere in the world irrespective of them using JaxtrSMS service.

This service simply trumps competitor services which only works with registered members. With JaxtrSMS, you can send SMS message to anyone you like for FREE.

JaxtrSMS however only works from your mobile phone. JaxtrSMS is currently available on iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry and other phones that support Java. This means its available to virtually anyone anywhere in the world.

Just to go iPhone App store, Android market or download for Nokia from

This is how the JaxtrSMS app works:

I download this app today on my iPhone 4, It first asks you to register for a your name, country and phone number. Once you are done, they will send a SMS to confirm your phone number. Just follow the confirmation link to finish registration process.

On iPhone, their SMS app completely resembles the iPhone native app. The only difference is the Orange colour. I tried sending SMS messages and it all went through fine.

Remember to use the App to send all your SMS messages to send for Free.

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