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Thursday, September 6, 2012

VOIP Service adopts Ad Model

Dial Simple VOIP based Phone Service is trying their hands at advertisement based revenue generation by giving away free calls credits.

If you are a customer, you might have noticed that they are now offering call credit rewards program. This program basically asks you to complete a few offers and get free call credit to make free international calls. 

However, Is it worth the time and effort? DialSimple VOIP service offers 4.9 cents per minute to India and during promotional period 2.5 cents per minute. This promotional calling rate applied for first month of your calling credit purchase.

When we look at those offers to get free call credit, it really wasn't worth it. A few downloadable programs and some crazy offers which you really not interested in. I believe its just a waste of time to get 5 cent of credit. You are probably better of getting no free call credit. 

DialSimple also offers some free trial calls so you might just want to try it out.

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