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Thursday, September 6, 2012

SIPGate One VOIP Phone Service Review

After Google Voice entering the VOIP market, another VOIP Provider SIPGate rolled out a new VOIP Phone Service. This could possibly hurt Skype's business model. Lets see what SIPGate has to offer.

SIPGate launched a new VOIP Phone service called SIPGate One. All you need is a broadband service and normal phone handset. No monthly charges, no set up fees and no monthly minimum.

In fact SIPGate has so much to offer, Google Voice and Skype really need to rethink their business model. I strongly believe Google Voice will come out with something similar in next few days. 

Lets look some features of SIPGate One VOIP Phone Service:

1) Free USA Number: Just like Google Voice, SIPGate will offer One universal number for all your phones. You get a real geographic phone number which can be called from any phone worldwide and there are no charges for receiving calls on this number.

2) Free fax & free voicemail: You can send Fax and receive voicemails for FREE. SIPGate is truly revolutionised the way you would send a FAX with easy to use templates and WYSIWYG interface. Fax service requires an additional phone number at $2.50 per month as a phone number cannot double for calls and faxes. Voicemail is also included in your free sipgate one account. you can forward your calls to voicemail as and when you wish through their online interface.

3) works on real phones: Throw away costly VOIP Phones and SIP Phones, sipgate lets you manage all your phones - home phones, work phones, mobile phones. You can set up all your different phones on the account and all your phones ring at the same time just like good old grandcentral/Google Voice. 

4) Communication Center: The heart and Brain of SIPGate One service. This sleek web interface blows you away with some great features. Google Voice, you got some real competition here.

5) Sign up for free and receive 200 free minutes during the first month of service.

6) Recording calls or parts of a call

7) Morph your Call ID: Even if you call from your mobile phone, if you set office phone as Caller ID, it will send that caller id to caller :-)

8) Making calls using SIPGate is however not FREE. You need to pay 1.9ct per minute to make Calls to the U.S. and Canada

9) The list is never ending as they offer Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Transfer, Three-Way Calling and more

If you couldn't make it to Google Voice, don't loose hopes try registering for SIPGate. For people outside USA, use a proxy to register.

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