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Thursday, September 6, 2012

free international call minutes free international calls/VOIP service was a huge hit lately when we wrote a tuitalk review. However, things have changed since then. 

A lot of tuitalk users are reporting that the free international call service is now limiting users who are making calls to certain destinations such as India. Tuitalk was offer free calls to india and users reported that they were able to make upto 10 mins of call.

However, since today is not allowing any more than 3 minutes of free calls to india. We would also like to know if they have imposed this calling limit across the board to other countries or only to India.

the new tuitalk time limits aren't all bad. in fact there's now more minutes to some countries than before. for instance you now have 18 instead of 10 minutes per day to China. and as far as making people pay for minutes beyond the time limits, maybe they will adopt that model eventually, but it'd seem premature to do while they're still in beta and debugging. i hope they survive, they really are offering something nobody else is. they got a good niche n i hope they can find a way to make it work for themselves and us.

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