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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cisco Linksys SPA VOIP Gateway Configuration Setup Guide

Linksys Sipura SPA-3000 is replaced with SPA 3102. This Voip gateway can change you use VOIP to make calls. It can let you connect VOIP and PSTN seamlessly and hijack into PSTN network. Lets look at SPA 3102 Configuration Guide.

Sipura SPA-3102 is a VOIP Gateway/Adapter. It supports RJ-11 POTS and FXS port to connect an existing analog phone or fax machine. SPA3102 also supports one PSTN FXO port to connect to a Telephone or PBX and includes 2 100BaseT RJ-45 Ethernet interfaces to connect to your LAN.

Many of novice users would be confused while setting up a Cisco Linksys SPA 3102 VOIP Gateway, primarily because it can be used in 3 different ways. You can simply use it as a VOIP adapter, so just plug=in a normal telephone line and use it as SIP Phone. You can create a local access number line from Spa 3102 or you can configure both local access number and VOIP line at once.

Why would you use a SPA 3102?

SPA 3102 is specially designed for power users or small businesses who can link their VOIP and PSTN lines and use it from anywhere in the world. Just imagine, you have SPA 3102 in Indian office connected to local PSTN line and you are based in USA. You can connect to your VOIP gateway over internet and gain access to the local phone connected to your SPA 3102. Now you can make calls using that phone from usa. That means you literally hijacked your indian phone from USA and now can make local calls in India. You only pay for the local calling charges.

Disclaimer: Please note use of SPA 3102 is illegal in India and I strongly advice you not to use it or use it at your own risk. This example is only for illustration purpose.

You can obviously use this in other part of the world legally and it's one heck of a VOIP gateway. 

Let's look at SPA-3102 Configuration: provides an excellent writeup on setting up SPA 3102. You may alternatively download official Cisco SPA 3102 Manual

You can buy SPA 3102 from $79 onwards. Amazon also has a SPA 302 Small Business PRO VOIP gateway for $179 with added features for small business owners.

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