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Thursday, September 6, 2012

TruPhone makes Apple iPad VOIP enabled Phone

Apple ipad has been received solid media attention since its public announcement. Ipad has already hit the apple stores and has received a fair share of positive and negative reviews.

Lot of people ask me, would you buy a Apple iPad? I am still not very confident about buying one for several reasons such as lack of camera (webcam), USB port. However, it seems for true VOIP fans like me, we have one positive reason to try Apple iPad. 

The Truphone iPad application offers customers free calling to other Truphone and Google Talk users when connected over Wi-Fi, and international calling to mobile phones and landlines for as low as 5 cents a minute. Truphone also offers an unlimited calling plan and free voicemail.

It seems Apple would be able to sell more than 4 million ipads and whoever gets the VOIP app to work Apple ipad is going to win over another gadget. It seems truphone has advantage over Fring and others. Expect a bunch of VOIP application providers releasing their app over the next few weeks.

The Apple ipad market is just heating up and it would be interesting how it shapes up in future.

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