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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Callarc - Free International Calls Service

After 1-800-free-411 stopped working, many readers emailed me asking for a better solution. It seems we might be in for a better solution in the coming weeks.

We found a new free international calls service, Callarc. Callarc is nothing but a free international calls service which will let you make calls via their website or via your android/iphone/smart phones or even via access numbers.

Callarc is currently not fully launched so you need to pre-register on their website and wait for their invite. Callarc also has a facebook app which you can use to make calls.

Although, Callarc claims that they will allow anyone to call anywhere in the world. I wonder if they will connect to some of the high cost destinations like UK mobile or Phillipines etc. Those details are not out yet but hopefully soon we should be able to test callarc system.

One very important thing you must know is Callarc is not web based free international calls service but it allows you to initiate the call via web or other mediums but essentially Callarc is a Phone to Phone service.

I am all excited about Callarc and recommend people to keep an eye out for this exciting new free international call service.

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