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Thursday, September 6, 2012

1 rupee call to India

We are always on the lookout to find the cheapest services to call the world and India is one of the prime calling destination for NRI. We found a new VOIP service which lets you call India for only Rs. 1 is a cheap international call service specifically targeted towards Non resident indians living in USA. PCO4NRI really looks like an interesting calling service after you look at their tariff plans.

PCO4NRI offers 3 tariff plans, Lets look at their benefits and drawbacks.

1) The Value Plan: They say, if your calls tend to be short and sweet then this plan is perfect for you. Well most of us fall in this category. It will cost your around 0.02 cents to make a call to India using the value plan.

2) The traveler plan: Consider that you are travelling to USA on a business visit or just leisure, this might just be the plan for you. Keep it short and to the point. Cost is higher in this plan. Its about $0.049 to start with.

3) The Unlimited Conversation Plan: This is perhaps the best plan for us Indians considering we talk for hours with our families back home :-). Basically, once the call is connected you can talk as long as you want for only $0.40 cents to Landline and $0.65 cents to Mobile phones across India. Worthwhile only if you are going to talk for more than 35 minutes.

The only drawback I have faced in the past with the unlimited plans is, what if the line drops down. You are basically at a loss because the next call is charged again. This often happens with many VOIP Provider in the past. Lets hope PCO4NRI has enough bandwidth and call quality to support their unlimited plan.

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