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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Skype pressuring UK Mobile operators to lift ban

UK mobile operators are perhaps the most notorious mobile companies in the world, famously known to increase rates, shut down cheaper services or just make consumers life more difficult.

However, It seems Skype is finally taking a stand against the industry bullying mobile operators in the UK. VOIP has surely threatened these operators in many ways. Mobile terminations rates continue to remain high despite of the overall VOIP adaption.

At this very time, Skype is banned on Orange and T-mobile with Vodafone slapping a monthly fee to use Skype service. Only O2 and 3UK allow skype calls on their network.

With 3 major telecom providers blocking or slapping fees to use Skype, their service is pretty much flushed out. In fact, Skype has lodged a complaint with UK telecom regulator Ofcom last year, claiming its services were being hampered by mobile operators. Ofcom has now confirmed they will intervene in this issue.

Can ofcom pull this off in favour of Skype? In my opinion, Not so soon. The mobile operator lobby is really strong in UK and they will ensure that this gets delayed, dragged and won't happen soon. Till then, you unlucky UK fellas can try some of more awesome UK based VOIP services like Localphone.

I'm not sure where you get your opinions from - here in the UK we enjoy some of the cheapest rates in the world, just ask anyone who lives here! Finally, who cares about skype anyway - the service is not much of a bargain compared to many other voip providers and being proprietary will not interface with the thousands of SIP providers around the globe.

Skype is a really important mean of communication. My boyfriend lives in London and for almost our entire relationship of a couple yrs, we have been communicating completely through skype after downloading it to our phones. The days when skype broke down were nightmare for us as we talk every hour and even fall asleep on skype. In the US, only Verizon has a contract with skype and the iphone. So restrictions on skype will definitely make ppl move to other networks that have skype.

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