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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Download LocalPhone Android App

 Finally its here. People screamed about this issue for a long time and we now have the first stable release of LocalPhone Android app.

LocalPhone Android app will work on all Android based phones. Now you can make calls from your android mobile without the hassle of remembering the local numbers.

The main features of the LocalPhone Android app are:

See all your existing contacts on your phone and make cheap international calls in one click
Add, edit and delete your contacts from wherever you are
Look up localphone call rates and get a price in seconds
Check your real time balance and see exactly how much credit you have
Call or text your existing contacts through the Localphone app and save money
The Localphone Android app surely looks very similar in functionality to the iPhone app. I managed to download it from the Android market on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I also have this app on my iPhone 4 which works like a charm. Android version of this app also works exactly the same like assigning local number, sending SMS using localphone services instead of the mobile operator.

All Android fanboys can jump on this now since you guys have been really mad about this for a while. Do Let us know about any issues or feedback on the localphone android app.

This app will only work in Localphone supported (where a local number is assigned) countries. This exclusive UAE, India, Pakistan etc but covers USA, Canada, UK, Singapore and over 20 odd countries.

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