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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Make Free Calls to USA & Canada

Did you miss those free calls to USA and Canada VOIP Providers? Then, your wait could be over now. We found a great new way to make totally free calls to usa and canada .

Anyone remembers Earthcaller ? Yeah, a browser based service launched by guys at Jaduka which offered totally free calls to USA and Canada. Well, they closed down the service a few years back and then there was absolutely no other provider who offers a free service dedicated on USA and Canada.

However, Today is your lucky day. We fund a great new free calling service to USA and Canada and its called Your Second Phone . Very funny name for  free calling service but it delivers so no complaints.

Before we start looking at their features. Let me thank Yogesh, one of the many loyal readers who has been following VOIP since 2007 who shared this new service.

Your Second Phone is a simply SIP based service which works from the browser. Its a flash based phone which lets you make free calls to any number in USA and Canada. Just remember do not add +1 country code to your phone numbers since the service automatically understand this. Just put your USA or Canada number and click on the green dial button. The service will make the call and you can talk using your microphone. When you wish to disconnect your call, click on the red button.

Isn't this simple? I tried it for several  numbers in the USA including toll-free numbers and it works.

I will be posting another great way to make totally free calls worldwide. It's going to be a twister. Hang on there and don't forget to subscribe to the blog so you don't miss the post.

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