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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Start a VOIP DID Number Reseller Business in Minutes

If you think VoIP is only a cost effective method of communication, think again! VoIP is also an opportunity to easily start a business and make money by becoming a VoIP service reseller.

You may be unaware that DIDs (known also as "virtual phone numbers") are one of the prime business segments of VoIP, where DIDs are assigned to IP Phones or VoIP accounts. 

Getting a geographic number in London, UK while you are sitting in your office in Bangalore, India is crucial for business owners, as their UK clients do not have to incur international call cost to reach them. 

The DID market is estimated at approximately $7 Billion each year with a growing number of people looking to assign a virtual number to their Skype username or SIP account. As VOIP is becoming more and more popular, DID numbers have become a necessity. Recently we can see more and more services offering DIDs and call forwarding services on-line.

While researching the market, we found great service and offerings from “DIDWW” an international DID provider. Recently they released a very interesting reseller program. “DID Reseller” is a free add-on for the Joomla content management system and very easy to use. 

If you are a highly motivated businessman who has knowledge in running an e-commerce site, “DID Reseller” is the opportunity to join the VoIP revolution.

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