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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mobile VOIP service offers cheap international calls

Another mobile VOIP service has joined the ever growing mobile VOIP market. Can Wcell do any different to mobile voip model with some really cheap international calls to India and other countries. Lets look at what VOIP service can offer us.

If you look at Mobile VOIP companies, you would most likely to talk about truphone, Tringme or defi Mobile or maybe few others. They are all pretty cool when it comes to their Mobile VOIP applications however most of them offer ridiculously high international calling rates forcing us to use them as Mobile VOIP Clients (in-service calls) instead of a outbound VOIP service.

Wcell might be able to break into this market with some really cheap international calling rates for Mobile VOIP. They offers 2-3 cents per minute to India depending on locations. Some extremely costly countries such as Indonesia comes in at a sweet deal of 3-4 cents per minute. 

You can use Wcellon your PC or mobile phone. Let me clarify, for mobile phone version Wcell will work only on GPRS/EDGE/Wi-Fi/3G enabled mobile phone and secondly you need to connect to 3g/Wifi, am ruling out GPRS even though its supported but GPRS gives really poor voice quality. Honestly, if you don't have 3g unlimited plan, always go for Wifi. In most cases, its FREE or very cheap.

You can try Wcell at as low as $10, thats their minimum credit top-up. The pulse rate is 1 minute that means you are billed at per minute basis. The good thing is you can pay via paypal or credit card. 

You can download Wcell and start making cheap international calls.

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