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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Make Free Calls to USA Canada from your Gmail Account

The much awaited feature to enable google voice via Gmail account has been launched. Shall we call it Gmail Voice? If its not available right now to your gmail, it will eventually roll-out within next week or so.

In order to use the Google Voice service via gmail, you will have to install the free voice and video chat plugin to your Gmail account.

Once you installed the plugin, In your Gmail account chat window, a new "Call phone" option will appear. Once you click on call, you will see a number pad just like google voice or google talk, on which you can dial the phone you'd like to call. If you have a google voice number, it will automatically appear as the outbound caller ID and can be used to receive calls within Gmail.

This simply takes away the pain of setting up the Google Voice + Gizmo + IPKALL setup many people using right now to make calls or receive calls.

Check the official Google voice blog post on Gmail Voice and the Video Presentation covering all the features of Google Voice on Gmail.
Google has definately took on the rivals like Skype, Vonage and the likes. Vonage has been vigously promoting their facebook app for free calls but it seems gmail voice will most likely going make it look cheap.

Its time to rejoice and make calls to USA and Canada for free (atleast free for a year according to Google). Lets not waste time and start enjoying! 

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