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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Free skypein Incoming Phone number

Do you have a skypein incoming number than rings your skype VOIP softphone? No? don't worry! You can now get a free incoming number for your Skype Phone from over 40 countries. Grab one Today!

Ring2Skype is a new skype incoming number porting service which lets you get a free incoming number for skype. You can use this incoming number for skype softphone or your skype phone. As you are very well aware, SkypeIn offer a incoming phone number in only 20 countries but you need to buy those numbers. Ring2Skype is free and it gives away these numbers in over 40 countries, which is really cool.

Why do I need a skype incoming number when i am using Skype?

Imagine a friend who lives in United States and you live in UK. He doesn't have skype but want to call you. Now if you have a ring2skype USA incoming number you can give that number to your friend. Rather than calling you from USA to UK which is costly, he can call you on your US number which is way cheaper or even free at times. 

Remeber that to receive calls on your Ring2Skype number, You must ensure that your computer is on and Skype is running in order for the call to come through. alternatively, if you are using a Skype Phone it needs to be connected and online.

One more awesome feature of ring2skype is you can register as many numbers as you want for one skype userid, that means you can get USA/UK/Canada numbers for your skypeid. We strongly suggest you reserve these numbers, they really come in handy.

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