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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Free Calls to Over 50 Countries for 5 Minutes Per Call

Its time to bring back the glory of Free Calls anywhere in the world. Today, we look at one solid provider to make totally free calls to over 50 countries including India for over 5 minutes per call.

Our regular reader Yogesh Chauhan has shared this new provider with us a few days back and since then, I have been testing this new Free VOIP service before posting it today and it works as advertised. is a new free voip phone service which offers totally free phone calls to over 50 countries.

Technically, this phone service is only available in USA (probably Canada).

How do i use Freephone2phone to make free calls?

Pickup your phone
Call one of the Freephone2phone local access numbers listed on their website
Now make calls to over 50 countries. Each call is limited to 5 minutes and disconnects automatically after 5:30 seconds as they give you a short reminder beep at 5 minutes.
Why would Freephone2phone offer this service for free?
The logic is simple, they make money when you call their access numbers either via your landline or mobile. There is something called interconnect charge which they recover from your operation and make money from it.

If you have a long distance plan or one of those unlimited free calls plan on your local or mobile phone, then this free phone service really works great.

Please note, that most US providers only allow upto 3000 minutes of free calls from landline phones.

Can you call the same number over and over? Yes, it works but only if you have patience to go over this again

Since Freephone2phone reads your caller id before letting you make calls, its not possible to use this service from outside of USA.

Now Listen to me carefully, this will work as long as you have a working Google Voice account. This can be either from your gmail or gtalk. Just use that account to make calls, as Google Voice always displays a local US number and your call goes through.

This is tried and tested method and it works. Enjoy making some free calls to the world including India.

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