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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Call India for less than 1 cent

You think 1 cent per minute to call india is cheap? You are wrong. Today I tell you exactly how to call India for cheaper than 1 cent with my ninja technique. Don't miss this post or you will surely regret later.

The average rate to Call India is about 1.75 cents per minute. The actual calling rate varies with providers like Localphone charging 1.5 cents per minute, nymgo charging 1.1 cents per minute and so on. However, there is a solid offer that all of you have been neglecting for months or maybe I didn't highlight the offer very well. I am sorry for keeping you in the dark, but let me reveal the secret today.

Most of you already know a VOIP Provider called Rebtel . They are one of the biggest voip providers in the world now with literally millions of minutes served each month. Being a popular VOIP blog, Rebtel has offered us a 100% Credit coupon which you guys can use to make calls for half the real calling rates.

Confused? Let me explain. Note: You must be a new user at Rebtel in order to avail this special offer .

1) Signup to Rebtel through this special link . (The coupon code will be applied automatically)
2) You will see the voucher code voipguides100% in the Voucher/referral code field on the registration page.
3) You must deposit a minimum of $10 to activate the coupon.
4) Now Rebtel will automatically add additional $10 free credit to your account. Your total account credit will be $20.

See Image below for simple explanation of the flow:

Less than 1 cent Effective calling rate to India : Since you applied the $10 free credit. You got $20 in your account. The calling rate to India Landline and Mobile is $1.79 cents.

Without our coupon code: your $10 credit could only make around 560 minutes of calls to India.

However, With extra $10 credit, you can now make over 1117 minutes of calls. The effective rate of 0.89 cents per minute to India (Yes, thats less than 1 cent).

Most importantly, I was just giving an example for Cheap calls to India. However, you can use the coupon code and free credit offer for any country. It doesn't matter where you call but your effective rate will be half of the normal rate so you save a lot. For example, for Pakistan your effective rate would be 1.75 cents/min only and Bangladesh would be 1.75 cents/min only.

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