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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bangladesh to block VoIP

Bangladesh VoIP poviders probably have to pack up their bags very soon as local telecom authority BTRC suspends VoIP service. Don't miss this shocking news if you are a bangladeshi. Your calls will be costly now.

Local Telecom authority in Bangladesh BTRC has announced that they will fine mobile operators for the SIM cards used in one of the largest VoIP business ran from the country. According to BTRC, around 1 million SIM cards are used to run the VoIP business and Out of which 600,000 SIM cars are now blocked The rest will be blocked soon.

Not many people know this but Bangladesh government currently does not offer VoIP licences which means If you are using a VOIP provider based in bangladesh, he is operating a illegal business. BTRC also revealed eye-popping statistics on international calls usage. The average daily legal international calls were of around 35 million minutes in April 2012. However, It used to be over 50 million minutes previously. Now you know, the illegal VoIP Providers are routing a whopping 15 million minutes a month.

What this means for you?
If you call bangladesh regularly, then it might be possible that your calling rates would go up very soon. At this time, the average calling rate to Bangladesh is 4 cents per minute. Again, you are risking your money with small time operators who can close down any day.

I strongly recommend that you guys switch to a reliable provider like Rebtel which uses a legal route. When you use VOIP special Offer of $10 Free Credit you will get effectively calling rate of 1.75 cents per minute only. This is over 60% cheaper than any calling card or VOIP Provider. Please note you need to be a new user of Rebtel and must deposit $10 to get additional $10 Free Credit. The credit is applied automatically. Claim the $10 Free Credit Today and call bangladesh for only 1.75 cents/min.
Do let us know what you think of this new development.

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