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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Virtual Phone Number Standard Voicemail Mode

Ah, remember the days when you’d be in the middle of leaving a voicemail and suddenly hear an unexpected beep to indicate you had run out of time for that message? Or when you’d return from vacation only to find your voicemail box was full and friends weren’t able to get through to leave messages for days?

Experiences like these were stripped from voicemail users across the country as a result of google virtual phone number. And, to be honest, some people on the team have started to miss these rituals of yonder years. Today, we take a first step in restoring people’s right to pager integration, unexpected beeps, caps on the number of messages that can be received, and more, in a feature we are calling Standard Voicemail ModeTM.

Standard Voicemail ModeTM brings your voicemail back to something reminiscent of 1997, with features like:
  • Automatic voicemail deletion: messages will be deleted automatically after 14 days
  • Numeric keypad access: access to voicemail will only be available via your phone
  • Beeper interoperability: your beeper will be paged every time a voicemail is left
  • Message maximums: store a maximum of 10 messages at any given time
  • Numeric page: people leaving you voicemails will be given the option to send a numeric page
To try Standard Voicemail ModeTM for yourself, select “Enable Standard Voicemail Mode” under

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