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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Virtual Phone Number for SMS by email

With virtual phone number google, you receive SMS messages on your phones AND in your Google Voice inbox, which means you can send SMS replies from either from your mobile phone or your computer. Today, we're going one step further by allowing you to get text messages by email. After enabling SMS-to-email forwarding, every time you receive a new SMS on your virtual phone number for sms, we will send you an email notification. Some of the benefits of this new feature include:
  • Unified messaging - You can get SMS together with email and voicemail notifications, all in one place in your email inbox, where you can easily search and reply to these messages.
  • SMS savings - If you spend your time in front of your computer, or if you get email on your mobile phone, you can turn off SMS notification to your phone in virtual phone number google and receive and reply to your SMS by email, saving on SMS costs.
  • SMS threading - If you use Gmail, you also get the extra benefit of threading all SMS between you and one contact into one conversation, so it is easy to see the whole discussion.

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